Word, Excel and PowerPoint released for Android Tablets

On January 29, 2015 Microsoft released versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint ported for Android tablets. The current system requirements for Office on Android tablet are: devices of screen sizes 7 inches or larger (a device with screen size greater than 10.1 inches will require an Office 365 subscription to create and edit), with an ARM based processor and 1 GB RAM or above. Today, the Android OS version that is supported is KitKat4.4.x. While you can use the apps on an Android tablet running Lollipop, it is not supported at this time but will be in a subsequent update. Microsoft is also committed to supporting Android devices with Intel chips via a native implementation that will be available within a quarter.

When you use the apps for personal use, core editing is free and premium features require a qualifying Office 365 subscription. When used for commercial use, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription for editing and premium features.

Please download Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the Google Play store.

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Excel Online Updated and Enhanced

In April, 2014 Microsoft released an update to Excel Online. The updated features are intended to make the app easier to access and use, and adds new features.

Users can now access Excel Online (along with Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Outlook) by going to office.com in a browser, clicking Excel Online, and starting a new file.

New features added in this update include:

  • Authoring, inserting, editing, and deleting comments
  • Ability to edit files containing macros and other Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code without removing or corrupting the VBA code
  • Hiding and unhiding rows and columns
  • Tell Me in-app feature search added, allowing fast access to related features with a quick keyword search
  • Customizable Status bar aggregates (such as Min, Max, and Numerical Count)
  • Ability to use GoTo (Ctrl+G) to quickly navigate large worksheets

OneNote Free on Multiple Platforms

Microsoft recently expanded availability of OneNote by releasing a custom free version for Mac, making it possible for users to collaborate across multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Android, and Web browsers. This allows Office 365 subscribers more options to share their files and collaborate with people using other platforms.

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In addition, Microsoft recently released Office Lens, an app that integrates with OneNote to allow phones and tablets to act as pocket scanners to capture image and text data.

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Office Web Apps renamed to Office Online

In February, Microsoft announced that Office Web Apps is now called Office Online. The main functionality improvement mentioned in relation to this change is real-time co-authoring, a more robust and straight-forward way to collaborate on documents with others simultaneously in the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Web apps.

Along with this change, Microsoft has renamed the cloud storage system from SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Office Online and OneDrive are both designed to be fully integrated with Office 365.

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