Cengage Learning and Microsoft Announce Integration of Microsoft Office into MindTap


We are proud to share the announcement that Cengage Learning will be integrating Microsoft Office into the MindTap platform. The integration will start with Business Statistics and Computing as these course areas prepare students for jobs that rely heavily on the use of Microsoft’s applications and business software. With our Microsoft Office in MindTap integration, we are the very first learning platform provide students with live access to Office directly within the learning platform.

Cengage is also one of the first higher education providers to be included in Microsoft’s third party cloud storage program for Office Online. This allows students to use in Office within the MindTap platform and save their work automatically to the cloud.

“Real-world context is key to making the student learning experience more engaging and relevant. Because of the flexibility of our MindTap learning platform, we are able to seamlessly integrate Microsoft technology directly into a student’s learning path in order to give them experience using the live application,” said Jim Donohue, Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning. “This integration will allow students to develop the key business skills needed to be competitive in today’s workforce using the actual software that they will be using once on-the-job. This live access is above and beyond what can be done with a standard simulation.”

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