Computing Student Advisory Team: We Want YOU

Teachers! Do you have highly motivated Introductory Computing students who might like to get involved with Cengage?

Students! Would you like to get involved with Cengage?

We have an exciting opportunity for students to partner with our Computing group as part of a student advisory team!

We are looking for students who are self-motivated with proven leadership, analytical, and communication skills, and are passionate about making a difference and helping others learn!

We’ll PAY students to…

  • Participate fully from August 2016 through May 2017
  • Develop real-world work experience (which looks great on a resume!)
  • Collaborate with students all across the U.S. in a team environment
  • Directly impact education products

Teachers – Recommend any of your students today! Please send us…

  • Student name
  • Student email
  • Why you think this student would be a valuable contributor to the Computing Student Advisory Team

Please send all recommendations to us by Monday, 8/15:

Students – Email,, and for an application!

We’re excited to hear from you!

Cengage Named as Finalist at the Technology Council Leadership Awards

Mass Technology Leadership Council

Cengage has been selected as a finalist in the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s 19th annual Technology Council Leadership Awards for our MindTap platform! MindTap is a digital learning solution that helps instructors engage today’s students and transform them into critical thinkers using the power of personalization, cutting edge content, progress tracking ability, and student empowering tools. Intro Computing instructors and students can also utilize the power of the SAM app delivered within the MindTap platform. MassTLC Technology Leadership Award winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 14 at the MassTLC Leadership Awards Gala.

SAM June Release is Now Live

We are excited to announce that the SAM June release went live on June 26!

With this release, we now have a lot of great content available for SAM 2016 including:

  • Over 800 Office 2016 exam and training tasks, including tasks for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, and new applications such as OneNote and Windows 10
  • 161 Office 2016 SAM Projects for Illustrated, New Perspectives, Shelly Cashman, CMPTR, and Emerge
  • 39 Office 2016 Textbook Projects for Illustrated, New Perspectives, and Shelly Cashman
  • 29 Office 2016 MindTap Readers (eBooks)

We are also happy to announce new Keyboarding in SAM content and features including:

  • Keying drills for Lessons 1-25, including Timed Writings and Skill Building
  • Warmup, Timed Writing, and Practice Keying drills for Lessons 26-110
  • Word Drill Simulations for Lessons 26-28
  • Keyboarding Preferences at the Section level
  • MindTap Readers (eBooks) for Lessons 1-25 and Lessons 1-55

If you have any questions about this release or getting access to SAM 2016 content, please contact your Cengage Learning Consultant.

College Keyboarding Products have Published


We are very excited that the full College Keyboarding series has recently published. These new keyboarding products can be paired with our Skills Assessment Manager (SAM). Keyboarding in SAM is an interactive, online learning tool that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the printed text, giving you access to powerful teaching and course management capabilities while allowing students to work independently when and where they like. Keyboarding in SAM includes Keying Drills such as Warmups, Timed Writings and Skill Building, as well as Word Drills.

Contact your Learning Consultant for more information, especially about what is going live with the upcoming release of Keyboarding in SAM, or visit to learn more about these titles as well as our other product offerings.

Cengage and Codevolve Partnership


Did you catch the announcement earlier this spring about Cengage Learning’s partnership with Codevolve?

Cengage worked with the San Francisco-based ed tech company to integrate Codevolve’s computer coding environment into MindTap. The collaboration brings computer science and programming instruction to students through hands-on practice designed to teach users to write and run code. Five MindTap courses were released this spring with Python, Java and C++ Codevolve labs! Codevolve’s integration into MindTap is seamless, with no additional installation required. Students easily use Codevolve to code directly in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from their web browsers.

According to recent data from, there are more than 600,000 open computing jobs nationwide, but only 38,175 computer science students graduating to fill this need. Kristin McNary, product team manager at Cengage Learning, says that, “as job growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) continues to outpace job growth in all other areas, demand for computer science skills is on the rise. Preparing students for success in the workforce is paramount as we develop new ways to improve outcomes through our digital platforms.”

Cengage Learning and Microsoft Announce Integration of Microsoft Office into MindTap

We are proud to share the announcement that Cengage Learning will be integrating Microsoft Office into the MindTap platform. The integration will start with Business Statistics and Computing as these course areas prepare students for jobs that rely heavily on the use of Microsoft’s applications and business software. With our Microsoft Office in MindTap integration, we are the very first learning platform provide students with live access to Office directly within the learning platform.

Cengage is also one of the first higher education providers to be included in Microsoft’s third party cloud storage program for Office Online. This allows students to use in Office within the MindTap platform and save their work automatically to the cloud.

“Real-world context is key to making the student learning experience more engaging and relevant. Because of the flexibility of our MindTap learning platform, we are able to seamlessly integrate Microsoft technology directly into a student’s learning path in order to give them experience using the live application,” said Jim Donohue, Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning. “This integration will allow students to develop the key business skills needed to be competitive in today’s workforce using the actual software that they will be using once on-the-job. This live access is above and beyond what can be done with a standard simulation.”

Learn more from Yahoo Finance.

Cengage Wins BostInno’s Tech Madness Competition

Cengage Learning is the winner of BostInno’s Third Annual Tech Madness Competition! Cengage Learning beat 63 Boston-area companies to be named the most valuable local tech company in the next five years. Thank you to everyone who cast his or her vote for Cengage in this competition!

“We’re thrilled to be named champion of the 2016 BostInno Tech Madness competition and, while biased, we know that we’ll have tremendous impact on Boston and in our industry in the coming years as we continue to evolve as an edtech company,”  said George Moore, Chief Technology Officer, Cengage Learning.

In its third year, BostInno’s Tech Madness Competition is a month-long online, bracket-style competition that allows readers to vote and advance their favorite Boston technology companies through different rounds and to the championship. The competition began with 164 nominees from which 64 companies were selected to compete in this year’s bracket. Read the full article and view the final bracket from BostInno.

MindTap for Computing: Office 2016 Overview


MindTap for Computing is an online learning experience for Computer Concepts and Microsoft Office applications that integrates skill practice, study tools, and more–in a easy-to-use, customizable Learning Path. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from MindTap for Computing for Office 2016.

For more information about MindTap for Computing products, contact your Learning Consultant or visit

MindTap for Office 365/2016 Introductory with Office Mix


Let your students to learn by doing! Using our new MindTap for Office 365/2016 Introductory with Office Mix, students can complete engaging, interactive lessons while learning learning real world application and understanding how Microsoft skills will impact their future careers.

Contact your Learning Consultant or visit to learn more about this product or other offerings.

Computer Concepts Products


Our Computer Concepts product offerings from the Shelly Cashman and New Perspectives series have just released! These new products have been updated to provide coverage on Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

Discovering Computers 2017 Enhanced has a new web development appendix providing a hand-on opportunity to create a project in HTML5. New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2016 Enhanced includes a new Programming appendix that gives students a step-by-step, applied introduction to programming. Understanding Computers Today and Tomorrow 16th Edition has been streamlined from 16 into 13 chapters and provides updated coverage on security, display devices, and robotics.

Contact your Learning Consultant or visit to learn more.