Pickit Add-in for Microsoft Office

Pickit integrates with Microsoft to help users replace clipart

Goodbye ClipArt. Hello Pickit.

Pickit is integrating with Microsoft Office to give users access to a collection of thousands of of free, high-quality photos, icons, and moving images. Pickit is available as an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Sway, and also as an app on any Windows 10 device. Once downloaded, it will appear as a button in the PowerPoint and Word ribbons.

Pickit gathers images from professional image banks and its community of photographers,  making the images available in a centralized location. It is estimated that 85% of all pictures used in presentations are stolen from the internet! Pickit solves this problem by ensuring that all images have legal clearance for publishing by only aggregating images from leading stock image providers and providing a safe platform photographers worldwide to showcase their work to the biggest photo market in the world: the 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users!

Download Pickit from the Microsoft Office store for free.

O365 Ed News App

Screenshot: Home Screen


Looking for tips to help stay current on the rapid innovations in Office 365? You can check out the Office 365 Road Map and follow the Microsoft’s Office Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… or you can now visit the Windows 10 store to download O365 EDU News and have all of that info right in one place!

O365 EDU News is an education focused Office 365 news aggregator. It will compile news related to Office 365 in Education from from Microsoft’s Office Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all in one convenient app.

Office Lens Update


Microsoft’s Office Lens app has been given a major update and it’s becoming an app of which all mobile Office users should take notice. Office Lens is a document scanner for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It’s easy to use, just select what you’re about to photograph (business card, photo, document or whiteboard) and snap the photo. The app automatically recognizes what you’re shooting and captures it with a little photo processing magic.

The recent Office Lens update made the app completely integrated with Office. You export scanned documents to OneNote or other Office apps. Your Office Lens photos will be imported into the application in editable form.

Learn more about the Office Lens update on Microsoft’s blog.