Office Lens Update


Microsoft’s Office Lens app has been given a major update and it’s becoming an app of which all mobile Office users should take notice. Office Lens is a document scanner for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It’s easy to use, just select what you’re about to photograph (business card, photo, document or whiteboard) and snap the photo. The app automatically recognizes what you’re shooting and captures it with a little photo processing magic.

The recent Office Lens update made the app completely integrated with Office. You export scanned documents to OneNote or other Office apps. Your Office Lens photos will be imported into the application in editable form.

Learn more about the Office Lens update on Microsoft’s blog.

OneNote Free on Multiple Platforms

Microsoft recently expanded availability of OneNote by releasing a custom free version for Mac, making it possible for users to collaborate across multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Android, and Web browsers. This allows Office 365 subscribers more options to share their files and collaborate with people using other platforms.

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In addition, Microsoft recently released Office Lens, an app that integrates with OneNote to allow phones and tablets to act as pocket scanners to capture image and text data.

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