Save Your Email Messages in OneNote

You can easily save all of your email messages in OneNote. Open your OneNote Account Profile and link your email address. Select a default notebook to save email messages. As soon as this is complete, you can beginning forwarding messages to and they will be saved in the selected folder. (There is a dedicated button to save to OneNote in the desktop vesions of Outlook.)

If you want to save an email in a different folder, include the “@” symbol followed by the section name at the end of your email subject line

New Version of users will soon enjoy a new and upgraded version of their online email experience. The preview phase is complete and Microsoft is rolling out the new experience to millions of users each week. If you’re already using, you do not need to take any action to get the upgrade. All of your settings and data will be automatically transferred.

Watch the video to see what’s new at or visit Microsoft’s blog to learn more.

Shelly Cashman Products for Office 2016



We are very excited that our Shelly Cashman Office 365 & 2016 product offerings have started to release. These new products provide detailed, accurate coverage of the Office 2016 applications including Access, Excel, Word, Publisher, Outlook and PowerPoint, and highlight innovative new features including new color schemes, the Tell Me feature in the ribbon and the Insight Panel with Smart Lookup.

Contact your Learning Consultant or visit to learn more about these titles and our other offerings. Additional pub dates are quickly approaching!

10 Ways Office 2016 Can Improve Productivity



Microsoft Office 2016 was designed to improve productivity. TechRepublic recently outlined ten interesting and productivity-enhancing new features in Office 2016.

  1. Real-time co-authoring
  2. OneNote notebook sharing
  3. Simplified document sharing
  4. Smart attachments
  5. Clutter for Outlook
  6. Better version history
  7. New chart types in Excel
  8. Power BI
  9. Delve
  10. Purchase choices

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