Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Planner, originally launched in September 2015, is now available for free for all Office 365 users. This team collaboration software allows users to visually organize plans, assign tasks, share files, and chat by using Boards, Cards, Buckets and Due Dates. Users access the Hub to track overall progress of plans and see who’s on time and who’s behind. Users are able to filter down to see personal tasks and assignments.

According to Microsoft, the roll out will happen over the next several weeks. Current Office 365 users do not need to take any additional steps to get the app. The tile will appear in your Office 365 launcher as soon as it becomes available to you! For more information, visit the Microsoft Planner site or check out this TechCrunch article.


Office 365 Planner


The Officer 365 Planner preview has started to roll out to First Release customers. Planner is a new Office 365 experience that makes it easy to organize teamwork and group tasks. Planner’s simple, visual layout allows users to create plans, organize and assign work, share files, chat with coworkers, and get updates on progress. Managers can create a dashboard and whenever someone makes a strategic change, group members receive a notification.

The difference between Planner and other collaboration tools is that Planner is primarily organized based on visual cues. Manager no longer have to send a group email outlining team assignments. With Planner, managers simply drag and drop responsibilities into team members’ columns. The cues are represented by items called “Cards,” “Charts” and “Buckets,” that feature previews of whatever success measures have been established for a given project.

Learn more about Office 365 Planner and see answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.