Office Mix, OneNote, and Outlook News

Office Mix Preview Launched

In May 2014, Microsoft introduced a customer preview of the new product Office Mix. ( This tool “offers a simple way to turn your PowerPoint slides into interactive online lessons and presentations.” According to the Microsoft Web site, “Office Mix gives PowerPoint new functionality. We add a new tab with several features, including the ability to record yourself giving your presentation. In record mode, you can capture audio and video of yourself narrating your slides, including what you write or draw on the screen. In essence, you’re able to capture the entire experience of giving your lecture, complete with visual and audio aids, with the added bonus of interactive content like quizzes or activities.”

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OneNote for Mac update

Added top customer requested features, such as the ability to print your notes, improved copy and paste for formatted content, drag and drop pictures, display names for hyperlinks, format painter, and performance improvements.

New mail rules has added new mail rules for complex behaviors and filtering. There is also an undo button, a new in-line reply functionality, and an improve chat and messaging interface.

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