New Save a Copy Feature for OneNote Class Notebooks

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An important new feature for OneNote Class Notebooks has just been announced: The Save a Copy feature allows students or instructors to copy content and save copies of  Class Notebooks to their own OneDrive accounts. This allows both students and instructors to archive school notes and to access content from Class Notebooks outside of school.

Microsoft has promised that this is just the initial roll out of the Save a Copy feature and in the near future, they will add the ability to choose any notebook type, not just Class Notebooks and roll out the Save a Copy feature to OneDrive for Business.

Save Your Email Messages in OneNote

You can easily save all of your email messages in OneNote. Open your OneNote Account Profile and link your email address. Select a default notebook to save email messages. As soon as this is complete, you can beginning forwarding messages to and they will be saved in the selected folder. (There is a dedicated button to save to OneNote in the desktop vesions of Outlook.)

If you want to save an email in a different folder, include the “@” symbol followed by the section name at the end of your email subject line

Learning Tools for OneNote


Microsoft’s new Learning Tools for OneNote help all types of students improve their reading and writing skills. Learning Tools for OneNote is a free Add-In that promises to increase student comprehension, help students become independent readers, and provide teachers with more instructional time. Features include enhanced dictation, focus mode, immersive reading, font spacing and short lines, parts of speech, syllabification, and comprehension mode.

Learn more and check out the Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions.

OneNote Class Notebook


Earlier this summer, we told you about Microsoft Office 365’s Class Dashboard. Are you using the Class Dashboard or OneNote Class Notebooks?

OneNote Class Notebooks have some exciting features. Every student has his or her own personal workspace. Students have the option to use these workspaces as their own private notebooks to work on assignments. Instructors can then to go in to review and provide feedback on these assignments. Instructors also have access to their content library to add information and assignments that are then shared with the entire class. There is also collaboration space for lessons and creative activities where instructors and students can work together.

Learn more about what Microsoft is doing to improve classroom collaboration and catch up on the latest OneNote Class Notebook updates.

10 Ways Office 2016 Can Improve Productivity



Microsoft Office 2016 was designed to improve productivity. TechRepublic recently outlined ten interesting and productivity-enhancing new features in Office 2016.

  1. Real-time co-authoring
  2. OneNote notebook sharing
  3. Simplified document sharing
  4. Smart attachments
  5. Clutter for Outlook
  6. Better version history
  7. New chart types in Excel
  8. Power BI
  9. Delve
  10. Purchase choices

Click here to read the full article and learn more.

Are You Using OneNote?


Are you using Microsoft OneNote? If you’re not, you should be! OneNote is ideal for users who take a lot of notes, attend multiple meetings during the week or collaborate with others on projects. It keeps information organized and is easily searchable. OneNote mimics physical note taking, and relies on notebooks, tabs and pages. There are many tips and tricks for users to get the most out of OneNote.

Learn more about OneNote for Beginners.

OneNote Free on Multiple Platforms

Microsoft recently expanded availability of OneNote by releasing a custom free version for Mac, making it possible for users to collaborate across multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Android, and Web browsers. This allows Office 365 subscribers more options to share their files and collaborate with people using other platforms.

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In addition, Microsoft recently released Office Lens, an app that integrates with OneNote to allow phones and tablets to act as pocket scanners to capture image and text data.

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Office Web Apps renamed to Office Online

In February, Microsoft announced that Office Web Apps is now called Office Online. The main functionality improvement mentioned in relation to this change is real-time co-authoring, a more robust and straight-forward way to collaborate on documents with others simultaneously in the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Web apps.

Along with this change, Microsoft has renamed the cloud storage system from SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Office Online and OneDrive are both designed to be fully integrated with Office 365.

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