Microsoft Sway


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Sway is now available on computers and tablets running its Windows 10 software. Windows 10 users can visit the Windows store to get Sway for free. Sway was previously available within only within a web browser. It does not require an Office 365 subscription.

Sway is touted as a digital storytelling app and allows users to combine text and media to create a presentable website. Microsoft says Sway is designed to accomplish different tasks than PowerPoint, such as interactive storytelling that lets the software make design choices like slide color and placement of photos instead of forcing the user to make design decisions. The purpose of Sway is to convey concepts quickly, easily and clearly. Sway presentations are backed up to the cloud, and can be easily shared or embedded in websites.

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Sway Coming to Office 365 Business and Education


Microsoft has started to roll out Sway for qualified Office 365 business and education customers. Sway supports six languages in addition to English (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) with support for Japanese and other languages coming soon.

Microsoft has also improved Sway’s suggested search feature. This feature anticipates what content users might want to incorporate into their Sway by showing tags for related words and phrases based on the content that has already been entered. Suggested search results previously included YouTube videos, tweets and images from Bing Image Search, and now includes Wikipedia snippets.

Additional Sway improvements include the ability to add personal and community images from Flickr and use of the Grid Card. The new Grid Card organizes any images, videos and text added to it into a uniform grid which adjusts automatically for optimal display on various screen sizes.

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