Tips To Make The Most of Microsoft Office Mix


Office Mix makes it incredibly easy to create and share dynamic presentations. (If you’re familiar with using PowerPoint, you’re more than halfway there!) You can add voice overs and other audio, as well as quizzes, interactive activities, and simulations. Office Mix also helps you measure outcomes—you can see how much time students spend in each slide, and check on how they’ve performed as individuals on those quizzes that you’ve embedded.

Download the free Microsoft Office Mix add-on to get started.

During the 2015 Cengage Learning Computing Conference, Jim Federico provided attendees with an introduction to the capabilities of Office Mix. Here are a few suggestions from the presentation:

  • Do you add notes to your PowerPoint presentations? Use those notes as your “teleprompter” as you record your lectures.
  • Want to call students’ attention to particular concepts, or show them how to complete problem sets or exercises? Use digital ink to write your solutions, notes, or annotations onscreen.
  • It’s easy to share your completed Mix. You can choose to share a link, or you can embed it into a web page (as we’ve done above). Using the embedded social buttons, you can also easily share it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.
  • Concerned about who will see the Mix? Adjust the privacy settings so that only those who have the link can see it, or so that students must log in to see it.